November 27, 2014

We have been announced as one of seven theatre companies chosen to be a part of New Diorama Theatre's Graduate Companies Programme! We cannot thank the New Diorama and IdeasTap enough for this amazing opportunity!


In the next couple of months, we'll be leaving Bristol for the big smoke to show

WE HAVE THE MOST EXCITING NEWS. SO VERY EXCITING THAT WHEN WE FOUND OUT WE ALL STARTED CONVULSING ON THE FLOOR (apart from Kat, who was in Boots at the time, spritzing middle-aged ladies with Justin Bieber's latest fragrance).

case Twinkle Toes for an audience of industry professionals. Yeah, we can't believe it either... We'll have more updates soon...


Until then, enjoy these pictures of our overwhelmingly surprised and happy faces when we found out...





November 20, 2014

The 10th November 2014 births our first official project as a Theatre Company. As part of Bristol Creative Spaces, in the Edwardian Cloakroom, Twinkle Toes was hatch into being. We’ve been work-shopping and refining this idea over the past few months, after finding a cache of Kat’s childhood theatre video tapes. Glittery leotards, tap-dancing tots and bright and early 90s anthems all feature heavily. In the space of the Edwardian Cloakroom (a brilliant space on Park Row, Bristol – if you’re in town do check out what arty things are on there) we brought together the video-tapes and Kat’s new persona, Twinkle Toes. There was syrup, dancing and few screams (from the audience, surprisingly). Despite the cold (the toilet was VERY cold), everyone who came was great and got well and truly involved. Thank you, Bristol Creative Spaces and thanks to the passers-by who dared to meet Twinkle Toes. Till next time.




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