May 21, 2015

We’re having a fun week in Brighton. The sun is shining (well sometimes), we are seeing loads of theatre and we get to hang out with our Brighton friends. Especially Cheski, who has been the best of friends by letting us dominate her guest bedroom (in her beautiful, beautiful home) and listening to us stress at 3am over video editing and technical nightmares. We love you Cheski.


So how’s it going? What’s happening? Are we still sane?


As with any Fringe, we are working hard – lots to do and little time to do it in. Flyers, posters, get-in, get-out, wake up, try and seen ALL the shows, remembering to eat enough bananas. Kat is bruised to pieces from the cage, and seems to be developing a six-pack (Nora and Dora are not). We’ve had some lovely audience members thus far and some reviewers (DUN DUN DUN).

The space is really cool and literally is a pit, with bare brick walls and steep steps. The staff are just brilliant, our tech has been easy and the front of house faces are smiley.


If you’r...

May 2, 2015

 This week. 


Posters and flyers are done. 

New costume, hand made by Nora's mam, Nicole. 

Films have been editted. 

VHS player has been PAT tester. 

New funky vibe light has been purchased. 

Kat has been stretched. 


We're coming Brighton. 

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