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SHOW US THE CASE The case is shown

In Autumn 2022, as part of The Arden Drama School's Theatre and Performance course, we worked on the school's Professional Collaboration module, and created THE SHOWCASE with nine young theatre makers.


Over the course of four weeks, we collaborated with the students to make an all-singing, all-dancing, meta Drama School showcase. Inspired by George Orwell's 1984, the students keen to impress perform a high-energy dance routine over and over again as a controlling offstage Director, heard only through a microphone, live edits and interferes with the performance. When the performance isn't up to scratch, the students must endure 'TOMATO TIME' and be humiliated in front of the audience by pouring an industrial sized tin of tomatoes over their heads. But the show must go on. 


The show interrogates the hierarchy of power in a director/performer relationship and pokes fun at the traditional Drama School experience.


Circles and Stalls magazine mentioned the show in their end of the year round up of the best theatre in Manchester in 2022, saying "The Showcase’ was like a dystopian blend of talent show and Squid Game. A disturbing streak of brutality grew gradually more present within the show’s high energy, non-stop euphoric rush. A guilty pleasure." 


“This experience is honestly one of the best I’ve had when making a piece of theatre! It’s inspired me so much and made me realise I am capable of more than I thought I was.”

This has been the best module I have ever done on this course because it has allowed me to really push myself in ways I have not previously been able to on this course. I will miss it but I will now adopt more of this energy into my own practice going forward as I genuinely have not felt more confident as a creator and performer as I do now.”


“Before this process my work has been safe and meticulously planned. This spark of energy/anarchy is something I really needed and will inspire my work going forward. It's also expanded my horizons of what can happen onstage.”

“I learned to say f**k the ruuuuuuules more often and to not get too set on one idea.”


 "I enjoyed how comfortable Nora, Dora and Kat allowed us to feel to play and just give ideas a go in an honest but judgement free space and it really empowered me as a performer and a person. Safe Spaces in theatre ftwwwwww 💓”

“Challenging, invigorating, iconic, electric, considerate, expressive, positive, encouraging, fun, empowering, playful, refreshing, motivating, fun, memorable.”

“I've never really considered myself a dancer or a mover and I think our movement training at uni so far has been very important but I've not really connected with it that much. But IN BED WITH MY BROTHER’s style of movement and generating physical material/choreography is so empowering and reminds me that anyone can move and dance and I love how music inspired it was.”

“It was the most challenging experience I've ever faced... it pushed me so far out of my comfort zone but it was an invaluable experience and I'm so extremely grateful for working with IBWMB. I learned entirely new skills and it's boosted my confidence in areas of life and performance that I wouldn't have found so easily otherwise. The fact we got to work with a company of such high quality is a blessing and truly a life changing experience.”

“The best experience I’ve had all through university”

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