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'theatre is ephemeral' - d.lockwood

believe it or not we have some best bits. and we aint talkin about our jiggly tits, even though they're pretty nice. 

across the 7.3431 years we've been making things together, we've made a fuck tonne of shit and done a fuck tonne of shits.


'boibwmb' as its known is a reimagined, reframing, rethinking and redoings of our bestest sketches, music, videos, art and merchandise. 

including work you may know:

- 'Soup in a towel' (former winner of In Bed With My Brother's pick of their own work)

- The Marusha Dance (if you know, you know) 

- All audience will recieve a drink of course


Albert Hall (the royal one) - 4th October 2020

susan boyle's album launch party - 3rd may 2011

- -please you the hashtag #susanalbumparty for all ticket requests

the royal wedding (prince george's one) - 15th July 2043

your mummas birthday party - biennale (on the odd year, so not this year)

the bikeshed theatre's funeral - 31st march 2k18

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terms and conditions apply: in bed with my brother theatre company limited have the right to punch any copycat copyrights of any kind. any mention of our 'bits' outside of conversation with us about our 'bits' will result in potential court summons and prosecution. if you are found with our 'bits or stealing our 'bits' the same and definitely heavier penalties will be occured. if you would like our 'bits' plz contact us correctly. 

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