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we made this show in 2021 during the height of Covid 19...

it was supported by Camden People's Theatre, Alphabetti and Derby Theatre

As per government advice, we’ve retrained. We’ve spent the last year developing some skills. We’ve shaken hands with Rishi Sunak and promised him we’d show all you thespians how much more employable we are now. For three nights only, IN BED WITH MY BROTHER will present something so meaningless and completely chaotic that everyone will leave in agreement that theatre is dead. There will be prologues and narrative threads and several intervals. And they’ll all be boring. But we’ll still charge you 50 quid for an ice cream. [Exeunt] pursued by a career in cyber bay-beeeee.

here's a review for it....

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 23.46.14.png
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