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A few years back, Kat found a hoard of forgotten VHS tapes in her mum's attic. Popping one in a VCR and pressing play, we were transported back in time, to 90s Warwickshire and Kat's stint at a small-town children’s Theatre School.

In this one-woman show, Kat comes to life as Twinkle Toes; a grotesque ballerina, confined to a cage and trapped in a noisy mirage of skin tight leotards, fake smiles and back-bending extravaganzas. Bound to the video tape, she is doomed to play, repeat, rewind, play, repeat, fast-forward in an desperate desire to entertain.

Twinkle Toes was supported by The New Diorama Ideastap Emerging Artist Award and Bristol Creative Spaces. Costume by Nora's Mum, Nicole. 

Twinkle Toes is stuck in a cycle of 90s stage school nostalgia...

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