October 31, 2015

It’s Halloween and we’re feeling spooky. We love any reason to dress up, drink and dance – the triple D!


This Halloween is extra special though, as we’re heading back to Bristol – Stoke’s Croft to be précised. Our super duper talented housemate, Chris White, is an incredible poet. An insanely, profoundly, hilariously great one, at that. HE’S GOING PLACES!


But anyway – he’s written a play, called Bart, and wanted us to bring it to life. So for Sharp Teeth at The Art House we performed Bart – the spooky tale of Ellis and Ella two brats who receive a Cat (played by Kat) for Christmas. We’ve recruited Hugh McCann to inject the show with keyboarding insanity and a flashing head torch.


It’s been so fun. And we had a hilarious time. Nora has lost her voice from screaming and screeching as the little brat Ellis. Dora gave up on the lines half way through, but styled it out as the precocious Ella. And Kat’s face is still completely red from smearing it with fake blood during her death scen...

October 12, 2015

Yesterday we did some scratching. Not the DJ kind of scratching, but a scratch performance of We Are Ian.


The Bike Shed Theatre holds various Framework Scratch nights, where artists from around the area can show little bits and bobs, ideas and snippets of projects they are working on. Afterwards we got to feedback to one another, eat delicious Bike Shed pies and talk about how great we all are.


It was great, we used the platform to test how we should best show Ian. Music, sound recordings, dances, crazy lighting and mime – everything but our voices? Currently these are all the materials we are using to bring Ian to the stage. We wanted to see if the audience got a good sense of Ian – and what bits did that the best.


The music went down the best – as we expected. One thing we can say that’s super cool about this project is that we get to spend hours listening to some seriously great house tunes. Music immediately takes people back, transporting them to a place and time. And something we...

August 19, 2015

We’re back at the Edinburgh Fringe – don’t panic though and start frantically looking for tickets to see us perform (I know that’s what you’re thinking) – we’re not. We’re working, working hard and seeing as much as possible.

We’re staying at the bottom of the Royal Mile, so getting into to town is easy peasy. And this year we all have DAYS OFF (other years we have not, and if you’ve ever worked or performed at the Fringe you’ll know free time is sacred and scarce). So we’ve planned and got a proper ‘show seeing strategy’ – we’re being super organised in scheduling what we’re seeing and when. Just so we don’t miss anything.


We’re also playing hard as well (again if you’ve ever come to the Fringe, you’ll know it consists of - show, show, party, repeat) and slipping into the third week, we’re starting to feel zombified.  Also we’re seeing and meeting so many of our friends! Yay friends! Our house, despite it being a one bed, has home around twenty-something people already. It is at best –...

July 30, 2015

Welly looky here. Guess what? [You: What what?]

We’re moving….back…to…Exeter.

Yes, it is true. We are moving back to our beloved, University town, Exeter. We’ve never lived there as…ADULTS!

So why? What’s happening? Is it just that we need to be closer to our rehearsal space? Have we missed the cider and the world’s second biggest Weatherspoon’s (The Imperial)?


NO (well yes, technically – but additionally).


We are to be the Bike Shed Theatre’s Graduate Company. We will be spending the next year in residence at the Bike Shed, developing our new show and gaining professional support for the future of In Bed With My Brother. We are very, very, extremely, utterly thrilled. Not only does this mean we have the time and space to make the next show, and the advice from the excellent Chloe Whipple. It also means we get to live together!


We have just placed a deposit on a flat, which we are so excited about – it will become IBWMB HQ. And will host great creative discussions and ground-breaking thin...

July 7, 2015

 After a solid ten months working on Twinkle Toes, it’s time that she climbed onto the In Bed With My Brother shelf, and was stored till later notice. We have not finished with Twinkle Toes, oh no. But have found ourselves in a good place with her – like a best friend; we know her through and through, have struggled sometimes to make her better but now we know she’ll be alright without us for while.



So what? Well we’ve come to Sidmouth (if you don’t know Devon – it’s an incredibly beautiful town on the Jurassic cost and the beach is….oh god so good) and we’re thinking. About what we’ve done and what we want to do next. 



Reflecting on Twinkle Toes, often feels odd. It seems the show never stayed still enough for us to grasp what it was - then, now, later. Not that changing, tweeking and altering the show is a bad thing, for us it has proved extremely worthwhile. From a disused toilet, to a set one-woman narrative in London, to Brighton with a whole new soundtrack featuring Nora and Do...

June 14, 2015

This week, we’ve been performing Twinkle Toes as part of the RAW Platform. The Northcott Theatre and the University of Exeter team up every year to showcase some of their graduate performers, writers, directors etc. And this year we’re there! The Northcott is a huge venue, almost 500 seats. Yes 500! But boy, did Kat fill that stage with her prancing, dancing, glancing, romancing, chancing, entrancing…


It has been an amazing opportunity! To work with such a large space, and a huge production team. We have to say a huge thank you and WELL DONE to the tech team, especially you Steve! Who played a staring role in the performance – curtains came up and enter Steve wheeling Kat into position and setting up the VHS and giving the audience the tape. Although we stated previously that Kat took the stage, well Steve certainly was the star of the show. Furthermore credit has to go to the rest of the tech team, who flashed the craziest lights and almost suffocated Kat with smoke (this was intended...

May 21, 2015

We’re having a fun week in Brighton. The sun is shining (well sometimes), we are seeing loads of theatre and we get to hang out with our Brighton friends. Especially Cheski, who has been the best of friends by letting us dominate her guest bedroom (in her beautiful, beautiful home) and listening to us stress at 3am over video editing and technical nightmares. We love you Cheski.


So how’s it going? What’s happening? Are we still sane?


As with any Fringe, we are working hard – lots to do and little time to do it in. Flyers, posters, get-in, get-out, wake up, try and seen ALL the shows, remembering to eat enough bananas. Kat is bruised to pieces from the cage, and seems to be developing a six-pack (Nora and Dora are not). We’ve had some lovely audience members thus far and some reviewers (DUN DUN DUN).

The space is really cool and literally is a pit, with bare brick walls and steep steps. The staff are just brilliant, our tech has been easy and the front of house faces are smiley.


If you’r...

May 2, 2015

 This week. 


Posters and flyers are done. 

New costume, hand made by Nora's mam, Nicole. 

Films have been editted. 

VHS player has been PAT tester. 

New funky vibe light has been purchased. 

Kat has been stretched. 


We're coming Brighton. 

March 10, 2015

HEY! We have an exciting announcement. We are going to Brighton Fringe 2015 with Twinkle Toes. We’re on from 19th – 22nd May @ Otherplace at The Basement: The Pit. Really excited to spend some time in Brighton, see as much of the festival as possible and give Twinkle Toes a new audience! YEY!


So we'll be back on the road - cage crushing our limbs and sweeties in our bellies. 



February 1, 2015

HELLO. So we’re back from the New Diorama, London. Thanks to them AGAIN for having us – it was great and we’re feeling super pumped to develop Twinkle Toes further. BUT we’re even more pumped because our mate Yuan Hu sent us some incredible shots of the performance. He’s a super talented guy (CHECK HIM OUT, HE WILL BE MAJOR FAMOUS REALLY SOON SO ACT NOW). They are up in our Gallery – place your eyeballs on them now.




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