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So Fringin' Fun

We’re back at the Edinburgh Fringe – don’t panic though and start frantically looking for tickets to see us perform (I know that’s what you’re thinking) – we’re not. We’re working, working hard and seeing as much as possible.

We’re staying at the bottom of the Royal Mile, so getting into to town is easy peasy. And this year we all have DAYS OFF (other years we have not, and if you’ve ever worked or performed at the Fringe you’ll know free time is sacred and scarce). So we’ve planned and got a proper ‘show seeing strategy’ – we’re being super organised in scheduling what we’re seeing and when. Just so we don’t miss anything.

We’re also playing hard as well (again if you’ve ever come to the Fringe, you’ll know it consists of - show, show, party, repeat) and slipping into the third week, we’re starting to feel zombified. Also we’re seeing and meeting so many of our friends! Yay friends! Our house, despite it being a one bed, has home around twenty-something people already. It is at best – cramped, but also incredibly fun. If you’re looking for somewhere to sleep this Fringe, we could probably find you a metre of floor to sleep on and some Iceland food products to snack on. True Edinburgh style!

But here’s what we’ve seen that we love!

Our favourite things:

The Ted Bundy Project by Greg Wohead

It’s just so chilling, and (we hate the phrase, but…) thought-provoking. Just incredible!

Tomorrow @ The Traverse

Visceral and disturbing, with some absolutely incredible masks. Oh, and Kai Fischer’s lighting is just incredible.

Bruce performed by Tim Watts and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd

Hilarious! Crazy puppetry and an epic story!

Tribute Acts by Theatre State

We love these ladies. They are funny and so talented.

Le Gateaux Chocolat: Black

Gives us shivers. Le Gateaux’s voice is like chocolate to say the least.

Brute by Izzy Tennyson

Our mate from Uni’s show – we’re not biased, cause this show is crazy good. She is a genius writer.

Bucket by Ed Eales-White and Jon Pointing

So funny, these guys are sketch gurus.

Zazu: A Fête Worse Then Death (by Harrie Hayes, Tom Machell, Nick Read, Maddie Rice and Katharine Armitage)

So absurd. So surreal. So our cup of tea.

Trygve Wakenshaw: Nautilus

We are huge super-fan girls of Trygve. We’ve loved Squidboy and we adored Kraken. And we now love Nautilus. Crazy mime, we cannot get enough of his bendy, wavy body. Wakenshaw 4lyf.

Barbu: Electro Trad Cabaret

The craziest circus we’ve ever seen. They juggle beer barrels with their beards. Enough said.

The Fabulous Punch and Judy Show by Café Debris

We’ve had the songs in our head for weeks. Crude and rude – they bring Punch and Judy to life and they’re sexy!

Wilting in Reverse by Stuart Bowden

Again we love Stuart – Before Us is an incredible show – and Wilting in Reverse is as charming. He warms our hearts, makes our bellies jiggly with giggles and causes our brains to tick.

Pollyanna @ Paradise Palms

Loads of cabaret every night – we’ve been hanging around and drinking here a lot. And they also do really yummy fud.

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