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Destined for Devon

Welly looky here. Guess what? [You: What what?]

We’re moving….back…to…Exeter.

Yes, it is true. We are moving back to our beloved, University town, Exeter. We’ve never lived there as…ADULTS!

So why? What’s happening? Is it just that we need to be closer to our rehearsal space? Have we missed the cider and the world’s second biggest Weatherspoon’s (The Imperial)?

NO (well yes, technically – but additionally).

We are to be the Bike Shed Theatre’s Graduate Company. We will be spending the next year in residence at the Bike Shed, developing our new show and gaining professional support for the future of In Bed With My Brother. We are very, very, extremely, utterly thrilled. Not only does this mean we have the time and space to make the next show, and the advice from the excellent Chloe Whipple. It also means we get to live together!

We have just placed a deposit on a flat, which we are so excited about – it will become IBWMB HQ. And will host great creative discussions and ground-breaking thinking– but mainly lie-ins and snacks.

So what’s the new show?

We’re working on WE ARE IAN, as our new piece in development. A show about Dora’s (step-dad/kinda) Ian. He asked us to make a show about his life. Hmmmm, maybe. But then, after countless discussions at the pub, at home and on skype – we thought why not. His life has been vibrant; colourful, but sometimes dark and greyish. His past includes, DJing, VJing, celebrities, drugs, alcohol, crime, hooligans, women and illegal raves. Sounds to us like there’s something we can make from this.

Watch this space.

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