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We are like a tiger! Cause we're RAWing (RAW: Emerging Arts Platform)

This week, we’ve been performing Twinkle Toes as part of the RAW Platform. The Northcott Theatre and the University of Exeter team up every year to showcase some of their graduate performers, writers, directors etc. And this year we’re there! The Northcott is a huge venue, almost 500 seats. Yes 500! But boy, did Kat fill that stage with her prancing, dancing, glancing, romancing, chancing, entrancing…

It has been an amazing opportunity! To work with such a large space, and a huge production team. We have to say a huge thank you and WELL DONE to the tech team, especially you Steve! Who played a staring role in the performance – curtains came up and enter Steve wheeling Kat into position and setting up the VHS and giving the audience the tape. Although we stated previously that Kat took the stage, well Steve certainly was the star of the show. Furthermore credit has to go to the rest of the tech team, who flashed the craziest lights and almost suffocated Kat with smoke (this was intended and ultimately hilarious).

All in all, we’ve had the best time. Alongside us, our best friend, Freya Bardell, performed her show ‘The Long Road to Happily Ever After’ so we get to hang out with her! Great feedback, and even greater post show nibbles. Thanks Exeter University for allowing us alumni more opportunities (and for letting us get chocolate sauce all over the Northcott Stage).

For all things about RAW, show times, people involved and what it's all about:

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